We pride ourselves on confidentiality and we tailor our assistance to your specific needs, ensuring our service is convenient and on point. Our virtual PA and concierge service makes life better for you.

We understand within the media industry there is a fine line between managing your personal and business affairs so we cover all aspects of your life.

We can organise anything that will save you time and most importantly you can benefit from our expertise and our range of key contacts to make your life easier.

My PA service promise:

  • Proactive, bespoke, personalised service.
  • Accessible contact with your personal Lifestyle Manager at all times.
  • Regular updates on request status to ensure you are fully informed on progress, within the deadline set.
  • Detailed confirmation and reminder of request booking arrangements upon completion of request; including cancellation policy, booking reference number and booking terms and conditions.
  • Knowledgeable advice using Specialists in their respective fields.
  • Source of diverse information, from suggesting luxury, unique hidden gems, to providing relevant alternative options should your first option not be available.
  • Tailoring suggestions and making arrangement to meet your requirements and needs.
  • Confidentiality, sensitivity and discretion, as well as cultural considerations and awareness at all times.

Why join My PA?

  • We will save you time and energy, leaving you free to enjoy what’s important to you
  • We recommend vetted suppliers that are tried and tested, giving you peace of mind
  • Our expert lifestyle managers will negotiate the best possible value for money on your behalf

How does My PA work?

We are not office bound, we work where you need us to – from your home, your office or from our own office on a virtual basis. We can also cover a shoot or be on tour. We get the job done in a practical, sensible and professional manner.

  • We’re happy to communicate by phone or email, whichever works best for you
  • You can pay for your requests by card over the phone
  • We are fully PCI compliant. This means that we have approved security systems and policies in place to ensure your card details are safe with us
  • We are CRB checked and have full insurances
  • We never charge commission and you will never pay more by using My PA than you would if you acted on your own behalf

Our solutions are tailored to suit you and are as limitless as your imagination, we will take on any request, provided it is legal and ethical.

My PA brings freedom and flexibility back into your life. We reduce stress, provide peace of mind and most importantly offer you greater choice in how you spend your most valuable asset: your time.

Justina Parry, CEO & Founder

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